Marketing Plans

Plan the course and tell the story.

Integrated marketing combines a range of media, for example, print, press releases, email, social media and web presence, to reinforce a message. Your messages in various channels all support your brand and your company goals.

I offer complete and coordinated solutions for your PR, printed, direct, email and online communications and make sure that at every opportunity your customers are engaged to your brand.

My clients range from small local businesses to large businesses and I know that one solution does not fit all. We support smaller clients with solutions that breakdown the entry barriers into integrated marketing so that all of our clients can add value to their customers.


Dunkirk Harborfront Development

The Opportunity:

In 2007-2008, the City of Dunkirk invested in a multifaceted development project.  The first part of the project was the construction and launch of new storefront area, to be known as the Boardwalk Market. The market brought eight new vendors to the Harborfront  to complement the existing business base and a promise of a new era of development and prosperity to the beautiful harbor and beaches located close by.  With the investment and construction of the new businesses, the city needed a comprehensive marketing plan to draw people to the newly developed area.

In the past, similar projects were proposed but never saw comprehensive development due to local disagreements on how to proceed and limitations of proper funding to launch and sustain the development.

The Solution:

JPulver Marketing was hired for a 2-year contract to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including promotion of the new businesses and previously established businesses in the locale.  The marketing plan proposed the creation of a group of events targeting a large increase in foot traffic to the area. The proposed plan included:

  • Planning and development of specific elements devised to achieve the development committees goal.
  • The pitch and procurement of sponsorship funds.
  • The creation of large-scale special events – I proposed and developed The Wreck & Roll Festival and The Chadwick Bay Beach Bash to serve the need for increased foot traffic.  Working with the city’s local development committee,  sponsorship was secured for event funding and event logistics were planned to carry out the events and promote attendance.
  • The relaunch of a weekly concert series to be known as Music on The Pier- We brought the concert series to the lakefront locale from another less optimal area of the city and provide a face-lift to the type of music to be featured.  The previous event series appealed to a very senior demographic and was poorly attended.  The relaunch of Music on The Pier concert series focused on a 25-55 yr. old demographic and saw a large increase in attendance in the first year with attendance growing in subsequent years consistently.
  • An advertising plan was developed to promote the new and existing special events and to promote the specific businesses in the area
  • A two- year public relations campaign was developed and launched to increase awareness of the events and businesses

The Result:

Currently, the Dunkirk Harborfront area comes alive during the summer event season. Many years after the initial planning of the development/marketing project the area enjoys a much improved public opinion and a far increased economic status. Thousands of people attend the events hosted in the locale and business transactions have increased. The Dunkirk Harborfront revitalization project by all accounts has been deemed a success by the City and local residents.


Creation of Biz Book

The Opportunity:

In 2012 the networking group Women in the Pet Industry sought to increase membership and add value to their existing membership with the creation of a Biz Book which would help members promote their own businesses and create synergies across the overall membership. The leadership of the group decided they needed to hire a consultant to design a magazine that would be updated twice a year. The project entailed production of first issue and provision of written guidelines for the networking group’s leadership to use for promotion, ad sales and value proposition of the group in general.

The Solution:

JPulver Marketing was contracted to develop the magazine for online implementation. The design and organization of the layout was formalized and coordinating marketing pieces were developed to promote ad revenue and group engagement.

  • Plan of layout, kick off/market introduction and ad revenue
  • Creation of marketing materials and magazine skeleton
  • Launch of promotion

The Result:

The magazine was launched to great success.  Ad revenue hit targets and membership increased. Additionally, the magazine was a useful tool at various pet industry trade shows to promote members and the network.