My Story…

I am a graphic designer and marketing consultant. I love sharing my passion for great design and innovative marketing with my clients.

…back in the day
I was one of those rare teenagers who actually knew exactly what they wanted to do with their life at 17.  I wanted to work in advertising and marketing–specifically art. I spent hours looking at and memorizing print, radio and T.V. ads– much to the dismay of my ever-patient parents who worried that this skill set would be quite useless to providing an income for myself.

…off to (pseudo) art school
I attended University at Buffalo as an fine art major. This was a compromise since I wanted to go to a “design-only” institution (or go to France where my plan was to learn design traveling and visiting museums.)

My parents (still ever-patient) felt that a little traditional instruction might be helpful and insisted that I enroll in a University that taught more than drawing & painting.

…mom knows best
Through the course of my education I found my schedule derailed resulting in a 5th year requirement. This turned out to be an advantageous “derailment” as I began taking communication classes to fill my time while I waited for the required “Into to Graphic Arts” class to be offered.

I LOVED those Communication classes–specifically mass communications and public relations.

It was then that I added a second BA, Communication with a focus on Public Relations, to my education plan and hustled with 18 to 21 credit hours per semester to complete BOTH degrees within the timeframe.

…in the real world
Upon graduation I found myself taking a job for a national non-profit, the American Cancer Society, as a “Community Executive” (which is a fancy titled for a fund-raising director.)

In my role with the ACS, I learned how to market with NO budget.  If you were unaware non-profits are big on “mission” and small on advertising budgets. I was with the ACS for 7 years which gave me a great opportunity to learn how to sell “hope” using a vast array of marketing techniques- and a lot of hard work. The ACS led to a short term position with another non-profit, serving as the fundraising director for Aspire of WNY which serves people with developmental disabilities.

…Back to Profits
Deciding that I wanted to step back into the for-profit world I accepted a position with Scott Enterprises in Erie, PA where I was the Marketing Manager for Splash Lagoon Indoor Waterpark and the hotels and restaurants additionally owned by the parent company. With a substantial marketing budget and a team to work with I acquired the skills I needed to (finally) feel comfortable to step into a freelance career as both a graphic designer and marketing manager for businesses of any size and industry.

I had learned how to negotiate with advertising reps to secure the best deal for my clients; I worked with printers of every size and scope so I could comfortably design a piece and manage it through the print process. I developed a great understanding of online marketing and web skills.  I had become the “triple threat” in the marketing world.

I had learned to design with beauty, insist on functionality and negotiate amazing prices for client.

Since 2008, I have been operating as a for-hire freelance graphic /web designer as well as a marketing consultant for various clients.

My clients are very pleased with my quick response time, quality of work, marketing knowledge, professional demeanor, and ability to execute a marketing strategy through design and marketing plan development.

…Why businesses choose a freelance relationship

More and more small to medium-sized businesses are beginning to pursue and hire freelance graphic designers and marketing consultants on a project basis in order to keep their overhead low. These companies have realized that they can get the same agency quality work from a freelance consultant at a fraction of the cost.

By freelancing I can offer the same skill set a small agency can, yet provide greater attention to each of my clients. I take on only several clients at a time, ensuring that each client receives my utmost attention.

People hire me because I help make their businesses more profitable at a reasonable cost. By freelancing and keeping my overhead low I save money and I pass those savings on to my clients.

Don’t misunderstand… I am not the cheapest designer in the world – or even Western New York or Northwest Pennsylvania for that matter. Your co-worker’s sister’s friend who took an Microsoft Publisher class last summer could probably beat my rates. But I am much more affordable than even a small design firm and you don’t have to sacrifice on the quality of the work as you can see from my design portfolio.

Is it time you take the plunge and test the waters of working with a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant? Feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss your next design or marketing project.


Marketing for large or small projects.